Scottish Gamers Society RULES!

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Scottish Gamers Society RULES!

Post  Admin on Tue Nov 09, 2010 8:31 am

These are just a few quick rules which I want in place for the forum, it's nothing to bad to be honest but I want everybody to respect them so our forum can remain clean.

Here are the simple rules;

1. Treat other members of the forum with respect, any form of bullying is NOT tolerated!

2. No pornographic content on the boards.

3. Please only post topics with relevant reason, for example don't post "What's your favourite energy drink" in Retro Games, use that for the General Discussion board as it keeps the board organised.

4. No spam unless it's a relevant informal advertisement, for example please don't post messages saying "OMG THIS KITTY WILL DIE UNLESS YOU SEND THIS MESSAGE TO 100 PEOPLE" instead, advertisements too other boards are accepted as well as youtube channel's and podcast's

These rules may be edited in future but, for now these are the rules so follow them please.

Thank You Very Happy

Jack Gordon
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